Becoming A Volunteer

If you are passionate about animals, helping out at the Cuddly Animal Farm is a great introduction to working with animals however, although there is an opportunity for ‘cuddles’, there’s lots to do on a farm i.e. assisting staff in making up feeds, cleaning and checking water containers, picking up poo, cleaning pens, sweeping, raking, mopping etc. etc.

Whilst members of our volunteer program are not guaranteed employment either at the farm or on our travelling farms, available positions are often first offered to volunteers who show a strong work ethic, reliability, initiative, and a happy, outgoing, co-operative personality.

Mature Volunteers:

Enjoy a few hours a week interacting with a variety of delightful friendly animals and visitors to the farm.

To enquire or apply for the Cuddly Animal Farm Volunteer Program, please DOWNLOAD and return the completed volunteer application form to